Required updates for Jekyll Multilanguage on Minimal Mistakes theme

During blog creation, I have modified several files to make the Minimal Mistakes theme work properly with the jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin.

Below you can find a list of modifications you can compare and check from what I’m using as well as files I keep the changes made when a theme update is made.

Unused default configuration

File _data\navigation.yml isn’t used once all menu navigation is retrieved from translation files. You can compare my <language>.yml files to see what information it contains.

Files to keep during updates

  • YML
    • _config.yml: Just need to confirm if a big structural change was made and is required to theme continues to work
  • HTML
    • index.html: Just need to review if you’re using a different index configuration, compared to the theme’s original.
    • _includes\head\custom.html: Review if any important change was added with the newer release
  • LICENCE and Skip these default files, otherwise will replace your own.
  • Gemfile

Unnecessary files

Files that can be removed without affecting functionality

  • screenshot-layouts.png e screenshot.png
  • Remove the following folders:
    • .github
      • Keep only your existing Github actions
    • docs
    • test

Files where changes were required

  • CSS: By default, no change would be required but due to some button additions, I have changed the following files

    • _sass\minimal-mistakes\_buttons.scss: Declare Telegram and WhatsApp button options
    • _sass\minimal-mistakes\_variables.scss: Define Telegram and WhatsApp button colors
    • _sass\minimal-mistakes\_page.scss: Hide some meta-objects I have added to the grid template view
  • HTML

    • Global: Replace strings due to the Jekyll-multilanguage plugin (removing the (.)).

      Source Replace
      site(.)category_archive site.translations[site.lang].category_archive
      site(.)data.navigation site.translations[site.lang].navigation
      site(.)tag_archive site.translations[site.lang].tag_archive
    • _includes

      • archive-single.html: Adjusted post links to the current site language version

      • footer.html:
        • Changes related to multilanguage (Atom Feed)
        • Added two custom links: one for the “Terms and Privacy” page and another to “Read in another language”
      • masthead.html:
        • Changes related to multilanguage on the title link, as well as replaced navigation source from _data\navigation.yml to site translation
      • nav-list.html: Changes related to translated navigation

      • page__meta.html: Added custom meta tags in posts
        • A “Read in another language” button
        • Share button, pointing to an anchor at the end of the page
      • paginator.html and post_pagination.html: Made some adjustments so pagination can happen in the currently selected language
      • social-share.html:
        • Include id="sharelinks" in social share action. This will work as an anchor to one of the tags added in page__meta.html
        • Added WhatsApp and Telegram Share buttons (to be mobile friendly :smile: )
        • Added changes to the shared URL to the currently used language
      • comments-providers\utterances.html: set issue-term to page namespace, so comments for all languages will be forwarded to a single Issue thread on GitHub
      • _layouts\default.html: Included GTM liquid tag in <body> and changed hed/custom.html to be loaded first

Hope that anyone looking to use this theme in a localized way could benefit from this, as well as sharing the efforts required to make this work :smiley: